Ozone Sauna Therapy vs. Sleep Deprivation – natural & safe treatment

ozone sauna sleep deprivation

The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is incredibly harmful and dangerously common. Ozone sauna therapy increases oxygen and blood circulation in the body to effectively fight against sleep deprivation. Also, it helps body’s awakeness and alertness.

It’s impossible to be healthy and function at your optimal capacity if you don’t get enough rest. Sleep deprivation is proving to be a large problem in this day and age due mainly to the increasingly demanding nature of both the workplace and schools. In fact, the changing nature of work has played a large role in changing traditional sleeping patterns. In the past, during ancient and medieval times, people did not sleep for 8+ hours once per day, as we are encourage to nowadays, but instead took several naps throughout the day of 3+ hours each.

Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation

This sleep pattern was effective for the time, but was also the healthiest for the body. However, with the way that we live our lives today, not only is this sleep pattern is impossible, but many of us get less than the recommended 8 hours per day during the night. Unfortunately, this means that many of us suffer from sleep deprivation. Here are some of the biggest dangers associated with sleep deprivation that can occur as soon as one week after insufficient sleep:

  • Increased anxiety
  • Higher risk of high blood sugar
  • Increased depression
  • Increased chance of developing heart disease
  • Interruption of your body’s natural time clock
  • Higher chance of stroke
  • Higher risk of breast cancer
  • Increased chance of developing diabetes
  • Development of unhealthy cravings
  • Higher chance of getting an injury

If these symptoms aren’t scary enough, statistics show that nearly 60 million people in the United States suffer from chronic sleep disorders and almost half of all adults fall asleep accidentally during the day at least once per month. All of this may sound scary, but it doesn’t need to be. There are practical actions that you can take to avoid sleep deprivation, such as: following a routine, refusing to work on the weekends, staying committed to work-free weekends, turning off all electronics an hour before going to bed, keeping a healthy diet, drinking enough water and exercising regularly.

Ozone sauna therapy vs. Sleep Deprivation

While the above-mentioned actions can help reduce the risk of sleep deprivation, the reality is that they are not foolproof. Even if you do your best to get enough rest, you will sometimes fall short. Then what happens? Is there no solution for once you are already sleep-deprived? Luckily for us, there is a treatment that can eradicate the negative symptoms of sleep deprivation and the risks associated with it. It’s called ozone sauna therapy.

Ozone sauna benefits for Sleep deprivation

Ozone sauna therapy works by causing your body to sweat, which opens your pores, and then inserting ozone into your enlarged pores, which will increase the oxygen in your body. Higher oxygen in the body associates with decreased illness, increased blood circulation, a faster metabolism and feelings of awakeness and alertness. Ozone sauna therapy is one of the most effective tools to help fight against the dangers of sleep deprivation. Visit our location today to learn more or book an ozone steam sauna therapy appointment.