The Benefits of Using Ozonated Oils for skin – organic ozonated oils

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Alternative ozone sauna therapy treatments – organic ozonated oils

Ozone sauna therapy has countless benefits from decreasing inflammation and joint stiffness to boosting your immune system and alleviating chronic fatigue syndrome. No matter your ailment, you can likely find comfort in ozone sauna therapy. In fact, many of our patients found a solution in this kind of treatment that they did not find with doctor-prescribed medications. Hopefully you have read our other blog posts about how and why ozone sauna therapy is beneficial for your body. However, we haven’t told you everything. While we are incredibly passionate about ozone sauna therapy, it is not the only form of ozone therapy that has proven health benefits. In honor of our recent affiliation with Pur03, we would like to take this opportunity to share with you the wonderful world of organic ozonated oils.

Our bodies aren’t the only things that can benefit from ozone injections. Ozonated oils are injected with ozone for a long period of time. The process increases the amount of oxygen in the oil. After this process, the oil turns into a gel-like consistency that can perform as a salve.

Benefits of organic ozonated oils

Much like ozone sauna therapy, ozonated oil can kill bacteria and fungi, increase new cell production, reduce inflammation while reduce pain and improve blood flow. Ozonated oils frequently help treating issues ranging from bruises and eczema to acne hemorrhoids. Surprisingly, The uses are truly endless and Pur03 ozonated oils have additional benefits because they are organic. Your skin absorbs 60% of whatever you apply to it directly into your bloodstream- do you really want to apply products riddled with toxic chemicals? We don’t think so.

Types of organic ozonated oils – Pur03

Pur03 organic ozonated oils are gentle, safe, pure and they come in a variety of types. There are several types of Pur03 ozonated oil:

  • Olive ozonated oil
  • Coconut ozonated oil
  • Hemp ozonated oil
  • Jojoba ozonated oil
  • Avocado ozonated oil
  • Castor ozonated oil
  • Sunflower ozonated oil.

However, If you’re wondering why there are so many kinds of ozonated oils, the answer is because each oil has a different use and a different ozone strength. For example, the avocado ozonated oil is of medium ozone strength, and absorbs best into skin. It can help with treating acne, burns, cuts and a variety of infections, amongst other skin issues. On the other hand, ozonated castor oil, is of a low ozone strength and its mixture with other ozonated oils allow those oils to increase overall absorption. Each ozonated oil has different application to treat specific skin problems.

We are pleased to announce that, for those interested in ozonated oils. Also, we now have Pur03 ozonated oils available at our location. If you are looking for alternative ozone therapy treatments to supplement your ozone sauna therapy, we can’t recommend ozonated oils enough. Also, you can find an ozonated oil that will target your specific issues. Beside its benefits to alleviate arthritis symptoms or boost your immune system. Not to mention, ozone sauna therapy treatments can have long term benefits if used consistently. Ozonated oils are a fantastic resource to alleviate your pain systems in between your treatments.