Ozone Sauna Therapy for Candida Treatment – yeast infection healing

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About Candidiasis Infection

Although candida may be an uncomfortable subject to discuss, yeast infections happen and they’re incredibly uncomfortable. Most women- 75%- will experience a vaginal yeast infection, also called vaginal candidiasis, at least once in their lifetime. Candidiasis is an infection caused by a yeast called candida. Candida is a type of yeast that grows in small places on your body like your mouth, belly button and skin. It can typically live on the skin for a while without causing any adverse side effects; however, given the right conditions, the yeast can multiply and cause the infection called candidiasis.

Candidiasis can take several forms- besides vaginal candidiasis, there is also oral thrush, a mouth infection, and cutaneous candidiasis, a skin and nail infection. However, the most common of these is vaginal candidiasis. While the symptoms vary depending on the type of candidiasis infection, a common symptom is itchiness in the infected area. This itchiness can be both incredibly uncomfortable and difficult to get rid of. Even doctor-recommended yeast infection medication doesn’t always fix the problem. However, many people who have experienced candidiasis infections have found relief with ozone sauna therapy.

Ozone Sauna Therapy and Candida

Candida Treatment – There are several benefits of ozone sauna therapy including: a boosted immune system, reduction in swelling, and detoxed body. However, one of the most valuable ozone sauna therapy benefits for those who suffer with candidiasis infections is its ability to kill bacteria and fungi. Both bacteria and fungi die almost immediately- within ten seconds- of contact with ozone.

Yeast is a type of fungus, which means that ozone sauna therapy can radically improve candidiasis symptoms. Ozone sauna therapy involves a patient entering an enclosed cabinet that uses heat to penetrate their skin with ozone. The only part of a patient’s body not enclosed is their head; this means that regardless of the type of candidiasis infection they have or its location on their body, it will most likely come in contact directly with the ozone. However, if you have oral thrush, ozone sauna therapy can still kill the bacteria. Because the ozone increases the amount of oxygen in the body so it works from the inside out.

Whether you experience vaginal candidiasis, oral thrush, or cutaneous candidiasis, ozone sauna therapy could be the magical cure you were looking for. The most common of these infections is vaginal candidiasis and while nearly every woman will experience a yeast infection in their lifetime. It’s not uncommon for women to have yeast infections frequently. Regardless of the frequency of your candidiasis infections, they can be overwhelmingly uncomfortable. Many people find that doctor-recommended medications aren’t effective. So they turn to alternative treatments. We strongly suggest that you try ozone sauna therapy, as its curative power for candidiasis infections is unparalleled.