We offer numerous health and wellness benefits for the promotion of longevity. In addition, Activate ozone sauna therapy has been proven to aid athletes with everything from pre-game preparation to recovery. People of all ages can benefit from ozone sauna therapy whether it is to increase a young person’s longevity or to help with arthritis pains and everything in between.

The overall ozone sauna therapy benefits are as diverse as they are plentiful. One of the most important benefits is detoxification of body. It also promotes healthier skin tone and texture. Humid heat within the ozone machine opens up the pores therefore allowing ozone molecules inside the body.

Ozone sauna slowly raises the body temperature to destruct bacteria and viruses. Ozone could benefit even cancer due to thermotherapy which expose body tissue to high temperature (over 100 degrees F). Also, the combination of ozone and steam is a natural way to energize and refresh your body. Additionally, here you can find a list of benefits.


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The effects of the ozone sauna are cumulative that’s why we recommend doing a minimum of 10 sessions spaced close together to experience the full benefits.

What Experts Are Saying About Ozone Sauna

However, the ozone sauna benefits list are expanding rapidly. Activate Ozone is also teaming up with doctors across Houston to find more benefits. However, we are studying the existing ozone sauna therapy benefits to provide more accurate information to Activate Ozone Sauna Therapy enthusiasts. Click below to book your appointment.

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